WhatsApp: How to change the color of the States


A new update to WhatsApp arrives. From now on you can select the background color of the publications within the States. Thus, ephemeral messages that are shared there can be customized.

To do this, it is enough to write a text and once done the icon of a color palette will appear in the upper right margin.

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You must press there to select the desired tone and the background will be automatically modified. This function is the same that is enabled on Facebook.

The tool was officially announced yesterday and will be gradually reaching devices with iOS and Android.

About 250 million users per month use the WhatsApp States, according to the company.

States was launched nearly a year ago, after Stories came to Instagram and ephemeral posts to Facebook and Messenger.

It is clear that the 24-hour publications, a fashion that Instagram could impose, are already a trend.

Sheila Austin

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