The banking guild considered that economic indicators improve because 2016 was “nothing at all”

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The secretary general of the Banking Association, Sergio Palazzo, evaluated Sunday that “any indicator will do well” to the Government because last year “was nothing.”
“Even being nothing, there are indicators that are very strong, such as the drop in the industrial sector that has dropped systematically for 18 months,” said the trade union.
He evaluated that “compared to 2016, any indicator will do well to this government because last year was nothing.”
He said: “I think the improvement or the level of activity to say whether it is better or worse, should be taken in relation to a lustrum or decade.”
In the meantime, he criticized that “when Labor Minister Jorge Triaca says that lost jobs were recovered in 2016, what is avoiding saying is that formal employment has been transformed into informal.”
“These supposed jobs that were formed again have to do with more than 20 thousand public jobs in which people were fired and incorporated under the figure of monotributista,” he said.
In this way, he said: “He who had a job, has deteriorated his situation” and stressed: “In Argentina, more than 90 percent of work is with employees indefinitely.”
“In the few jobs that were created in private, more than 90 percent correspond to fixed-term contracts and temporarily,” he said in a dialogue with Radio El Mundo.
In his view, “this gives you a profile of what a government is looking for in terms of employment.”
He argued that “it seeks a labor without right and a labor reform similar to that of Brazil.”
“If a reform of the labor contract law is done, it has to pass through Congress. In that case, we hope that those two-thirds who are voting against the economic model, work opponents and are not a false opposition At the polls, “he whipped.
In addition, he evaluated: “I think it can sustain a level of employment and maintain the right of workers.”
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