Table salt vs. Rock salt Do you know the difference?


The consumption of refined table salt present in most packaged and processed foods causes, among other things, kidney diseases, fluid retention and hypertension. By contrast, rock salts (from the Himalayas or Andina) are an incredible source of healing energy, because they contain the same minerals from the human body.

Table salt
Chemicals such as desiccants, deagglutants and bleaches are added during the table salt production process. These substances make it difficult to mix salt with fluids in the human body and weaken essential metabolic biochemical processes. Therefore, it is important to state that refined table salt does not provide benefits to the body, since it is stripped of almost all minerals and also contains harmful additives, such as aluminum silicate, one of the main causes of Alzheimer’s.

Salt 1
However, there are alternatives such as salt rock and sea salt (unrefined). Such options do not produce the unwanted effects of table salt and their moderate consumption can benefit our health.

In the specific case of rock salts, the top ten benefits are:

1. It supplies 84 biologically active minerals, necessary to keep us healthy.

2. Improves electrolyte balance in internal fluids, especially in the blood.

Salt 3
3. Optimizes the assimilation of the nutrients present in our daily food.

4. It improves the mood and gives greater energetic fullness.

5. Removes excess acidity from body cells, especially brain cells.

6. It stimulates the defense system of our organism.

Salt 4
7. Regulates blood sugar levels, especially important in diabetics.

8. It reduces the discomfort caused by arthritic and rheumatic diseases.

9. It is a potent natural antihistamine.

10. Avoid muscle cramps.

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If you want to make a major change and at the same time simple to improve your health and quality of life, I recommend that you remove table salt and begin to consume rock salts or other unrefined salt. You will realize that you will need less and the taste of your meals will improve.

IMPORTANT: Patients with restricted sodium diets should consult their physician.

Brendan Harris

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