Inflation expectations remain at 20%


The inflation expected by the population for the next twelve months was maintained in August at 20%, according to the median of responses, said Tuesday the Center for Research in Finance (CIF) of the University Torcuato Di Tella.

According to the average, inflation expectations fell 1.4 percentage points compared to July 2017 and stand at 27.9%.

Juan José Cruces, director of the Center for Research in Finance at UTDT, said that “according to the median, inflation expectations are maintained in the Federal Capital and in the interior of the country while falling in Greater Buenos Aires, Respect to July “.

“According to the average, inflation expectations rise in the Federal Capital while they remain in the Mainland and fall in Greater Buenos Aires,” added the economist.

On the other hand, inflation expectations, according to the median, remain constant for both the high income population and the low income population. According to the average, expectations fall for both sectors, highlighted Cruces.

The index is derived from the results of a monthly survey covering about 1,200 cases nationwide conducted by Poliarquía for the Center for Research in Finance where the following question is asked: “Comparing the prices of now with those of a year to Ahead, about what percentage do you expect prices to rise in the next 12 months on average? “

Melissa Brooks

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