Google unveiled its new Android operating system Oreo in the middle of the eclipse


Google does not hide its roots and love for science. The search engine has taken advantage of the total solar eclipse that today has lived USA to renew Android. The eighth version of its mobile and tablet engine, Android O, whose name has been long rumored and finally has been confirmed as Android Oreo, will arrive first of the mobile Píxel and Nexus. Google maintains the habit of naming its versions with references to sweets or desserts, including KitKat for the K, a concession to a trade name that came true after closing an agreement with Nestlé. There was a sign, next to the park where the celebration was the old factory of Nabisco where these iconic cookies were born.
During a meeting in a park in Chelsea neighborhood in New York, Google has highlighted the benefits of this launch with two main axes, security and simplicity of use.
With Google Play Protect, users will have better control of what is installed on their mobile, they will be able to contrast the code source of downloaded programs and decide whether or not they deserve their trust. A way to try to curb the growing malware and privacy.
From Google put the emphasis on fluency: “Smarter, faster and more powerful than ever.” It will save seconds on something seemingly irrelevant but practical, such as connecting to a Wi-Fi network just by taking a picture with the sequence of characters or filling forms with information already known without having to repeat the process over and over again.
It also promises better management of notifications, grouping them and prioritizing the most relevant ones. Multitasking, one of the differential points with respect to computers, will be a reality. “Have you ever tried watching a tutorial on YouTube and taking notes on your phone at the same time?” They challenge from Google.

Android O faces one of its biggest problems, battery life, which will shut down applications that consume frequently while not in use.

In spite of all these improvements of a practical or technical nature, it is very probable that the most appreciated by the users are the 60 new emojis, a social fever that has become a formula of expression and popular culture.

There remains the mystery of the adoption of Android Instant Apps, applications of low consumption of hardware resources, that are not installed in the terminal, but they function like autonomous programs. Google announced it for the first time in its 2016 conference.

Google already releases the code for manufacturers to update their phones. The first to have it will be Pixel 5x and 6P, then Pixel C and Nexus Player will arrive. Among business partners to be upgraded to this operating system are Nokia, Huawei, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp and Sony.
Some solutions

Have you ever tried watching a tutorial on YouTube and taking notes on your phone at the same time? If you did, you will have noticed that it is practically impossible.
Now, the picture-in-picture function will allow you to see two applications at once: it’s like having the power to be in two places at the same time.
Are you saturated with notifications and can not see those of the applications that you like more? With Android O, warning points let you quickly see what’s new in apps so you can take action more easily.

Malhechores trying to paste malicious software into your device? Android O is a more secure operating system, thanks to the incorporation of Google Play Protect and new features such as controls of installation of applications at the source level, important security states more visible in your settings and improvements in protection against malware and protections Of privacy.

Did you run out of battery and are very far from your charger? Android O helps you minimize the activity of the apps you use the least and helps you conserve the battery for longer. Whether you’re talking, playing, working or streaming, you can be sure your battery is safe.
Faster than the speed of light. When you are moving, speed is perhaps the most important super power. With Android O, you can run tasks faster than ever with a fast-speed boot when you turn it on. Once running, the Autofill tool will help you remember users to access your favorite apps.

It also supports Android Instant Apps so you can teleport directly to new applications, without previous installation. Last but not least, more good news: Android O comes with redesigned emojis and over 60 new ones.

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