Frutícola San Miguel made its first export of lemons to Mexico


San Miguel, the largest producer of lemons in Argentina and leader in the export of citrus from the Southern Hemisphere, made its first export of tucumanos lemons to Mexico, recently opened market for this fruit.

Since the opening of the market took place at the end of the Argentinean campaign, an inaugural shipment of approximately 23 tons was made as a pilot test.

The shipment is of great symbolism not only because of the relevance of this market, but mainly because it is the first export in history to be made to Mexico, a destination so far closed for the Argentine lemons.

“The business opportunities for Argentina in that country are enormous. Mexico is a market of great potential because of the large amount of population it has. The objective of this first shipment is to initiate the link with the Mexican customers and to make known the excellent quality of the product of the company “, explained Maximiliano D’Alessandro, Commercial Director of San Miguel.

However, he pointed out among the challenges of entering Mexico that “that country has very different customs from those of Argentina, in addition to owning a large volume of own production of green and small caliber lemons.”

“There is a good demand for Sicilian lemon (yellow), a variety that Mexico produces in very small volumes. Until now, I imported Sicilian lemons from California. The country is evaluating a process of diversification of its main food suppliers, “he said.

San Miguel has the possibility of joining the market by offering lemon in the counter station window, which corresponds to the natural season in Argentina (April to June). In this way, we arrive at the time of import with better fruit and better price.

“We are working to develop the relationship with customers and add more value in the region. We know that Argentina is the ideal trading partner to supply the northern hemisphere against the station, “said D’Alessandro.

The lemons, produced and packed in Tucumán, left Buenos Aires on the vessel ‘Conti Darwin’ last Saturday and will arrive in Mexico in approximately 27 days.

Argentina and the United States last week agreed on a commercial exchange by signing that country the last document necessary to start importing Argentine lemons and in return, the government of President Mauricio Macri authorized the importation of American pork meat after 25 years of prohibition For health reasons.

This was reported by official sources, while said that “what was agreed was that the United States signed the work plan, which is the last document necessary to ship Argentine lemons.”

The sources indicated that, at the same time, Argentina “began to coordinate the work agenda to verify the process of sanitary certification to import pigs” coming from the United States.

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